Category: Part 1 – Vehices

Experiment with SBrick

Dad build another vehicle, this time from two modules, to test the SBrick.

LPFIB-V2 – 045 – 31

The front module for another vehicle to test the sBrick.

LPFIB-V2 – 055 – 055

The second module for the test car.

LPFIB-V2 – 061 – 148

Build by dad to check the SBrick. It works.

LPFIB-V2 – 60 – 169

A sunday evening session, a difficult decision.

LPFIB-V2 – 020 – 41

Build by dad in a common LEGO session with me.

LPFIB-V2 – 013 – 22

Dad got a tip for a shop in Barcelona. There he found the last missing piece for the Power Functions books, an uncommon motor. He build the only…

LPFIB-V2 – 018 – 33

The second model. It has the advantage that the battery box is included. Dad has the idea to integrate the infrared receiver, too. And I added a second…

LPFIB-V2 – 002 – 33

Dad ordered the book some days ago. He showed me the book saying that it will be a Christmas gift. I didn’t agree and found a reason to…