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Creativity competition

In Montblanc I participated in a creativity competition. I used some ideas from the box for the first pieces. But the small forest is my idea.

Gift for a friend

The father of a school mate repaired my LEGO watch for free. My idea was to give a small LEGO model to my school mate. I investigated with dad…


I got a zip bag and I could pick as much bricks as fits in the bag. Now I build some abstract figures with the bricks. In total…

MOC005 – 5 – Top

Very simple, but it works.

MOC003 – 2015 – 41+0 – Helicopter 

MOC002 – 2015 – 18+0 – Not so Simple Dog

For my teacher in May 2015.

MOC001 – 2015 – 7+0 – Simple Dog

For my class 1a in May 2015.

MOC004 – 2016 – 88+0 – Giraffe

Yesterday I build this giraffe while waiting for my music class.