First LEGO League Junior 2017/2018

Yes, we (Martina, Pau, and me) are participating again.

First LEGO League Junior (ESP)

Table of Contents


0. General Stuff
1. Session, 25th of September, 2016
2. Session, 2nd of October, 2016
3. Session, 9th of November, 2016


 0. General


Team Model

Mini Builds


Inspire Model

1. Session, 25th of September, 2017

First all children build a duck from 6 given pieces. Every duck was of course different.
Afterwards we started to build one of the given Boost models. After a small vote we decided to build the mount robot.





2. Session, 2nd of October , 2017

We  started with team building and values (Video Team Values). Finally all children build a free model of something related to water, from arbitrary bricks and plates available.

There is a shower, a fountain and a water lily.











 3. Session, 9th of October , 2017


Play Pump

Play Pump: How it works