About me

I was born in March 2008. I started with LEGO Duplo with 18 month. Afterwards my dad found some sets of Toolo and Action Wheelers, so that I started with 4 years to work with Duplo “Technic”.
In parallel I started with the “small” LEGO bricks.
My dad got in 2012 the family LEGO collection, which includes his sets from the 60th and 70th. Additionally there are some sets from the 80th and 90th from a cousin.
Together with my sets from the 00th and 10th of the current century and some second hand set found in Internet, we have set from over 50 years of LEGO history.
Here we document step by step the sets and other activities.

That´s not me! It is my dad on Christmas Day 1963, 3 months before he became 3 years old. Playing with his first LEGO bricks.