Next CatBrick Exhibition

The CatBrick 2018 will taken place in Pallejà near Barcelona. On the 14th and 15th of abril you can enjoy a lot of LEGO creations and activities. Details…

Star Wars Mini Space Ships

For the exhibition Star Bricks we build a small diorama. Dad created two small space ships for a battle scene from the 7th movie, the battle of the…

Budgetplaces with Emoji

Justo an idea, derived from a Kickstarter project.

Exposition in Terrasa

On the 8th and 9th of December an exposition will be taken place in the museum of technology in Terrassa. More information can be found here: HispaBrick.

Wearable LEGO

There is currently running a Kickstarter campaign which would like to produce T-shirts. Kickstarter Campaign

Star Brick 17

En noviembre habrá una exposición de LEGO en Barcelona en el mercado de los Encants. Las fechas son: lunes 13, miércoles 15, viernes 17 y sábado 18 de…

30611 – 2017 – 70 – R2D2

A gift from LEGO.

8295 – 2008 – 1132 – Telescopic Handler

17101 – 2017 – 845 – Boost

Dad introduced today a new family member. I was a little bit astonished, but then he revealed the secret: it is Bernie, the Boost robot. Of course he…

10220 – 2011 – 1332 – Volkswagen T1 Camper

It came with a big parcel with second hand LEGO. It was mounted. So dad wanted to dismount it during holidays. But I wanted to participate building. So…

40252 – 2017 – 141 – 8 – Mini Beetle

Today I had a bet with dad. He didn’t though that I can eat the entire menu of an adult. Finally I won because because his fear was…

21130 – 2017 – 287+2 – 8 – The Nether Railway

The end of the school year gift. I choosed it at the Montblanc exhibition. A vertasile set.

Creativity competition

In Montblanc I participated in a creativity competition. I used some ideas from the box for the first pieces. But the small forest is my idea.

Festival de LEGO en Montblanc

This weekend the village Montblanc is celebrating the third time The festival de LEGO. A remodelled church offers space for dioramas and a lot of activities for children….

8259 – 2009 – 165 – Mini Bulldozer

Very few functions: the shield can be lifted and the chains are moving.

21123 – 2016 – 208+2 – 8 – The Iron Golem

Gift for additional homework. The theme was an idea of dad. I love it.

Gift for a friend

The father of a school mate repaired my LEGO watch for free. My idea was to give a small LEGO model to my school mate. I investigated with dad…


Dad terminated the first robot with some help. Now we are experimenting with the programming.


I got a zip bag and I could pick as much bricks as fits in the bag. Now I build some abstract figures with the bricks. In total…

Experiment with SBrick

Dad build another vehicle, this time from two modules, to test the SBrick.

LPFIB-V2 – 045 – 31

The front module for another vehicle to test the sBrick.

LPFIB-V2 – 055 – 055

The second module for the test car.

LPFIB-V2 – 061 – 148

Build by dad to check the SBrick. It works.

CatBrick 2017, we are back

My dinosaur park.         My town build with some old sets of my dad.       Technic collection organised by dad.      …

LPFIB-V1 – 225 – 28

Build during Catbrick 2017.

LPFIB-V1 – 183 – 17

Build during the Catbrick 2017.

LPFIB-V1 – 177 – 30

8040 – 1984 – 162 – Universal Building Set

The fourth model is a small pneumatic crane. But it is to difficult to build it so late. Afterward dad had to continue.

CatBrick 2017

The exhibition of HispaLUG in Cataluña in 2017 will be held in Reus on the 22nd and 23th of April. Details are on the poster. Poster

LPFIB-V1 – 108 – 38

Cooperative work and final choice for carousel platform. It is very stable and speed depends on the used gears which can easily be exchanged.

LPFIB-V1 – 109 – 18

Build by me for comparison. 

LPFIB-V1 – 110 – 12

Build by Martina for comparison.

LPFIB-V1 – 107 – 22

Build by Pau to compare platforms for the carousel.

LPFIB-V1 – 072 – 17

Build by Martina.

LPFIB-V1 – 084 – 12

Build by Martina.

8030 – 1982 – 141 – Universal Building Set

The third model is a wind mill.

8032 – 1994 – 215 – Multi Functional Starter Set

The second model is the horizontal bar artist. Mam suggested to add a motor and I added the middle Power Functions motor.

8020 – 1984 – 119 – Universal Building Set

We made a LEGO building session this evening. The models will also serve for the exhibition. The first model was a helicopter with additional wheels. Meanwhile dad is working…

895 – 1985 – 10 – Wind-up Motor

If we are go out of battery …

Chair 1


8480 – 1996 – 1368 – Space Shuttle

For the exhibition in Reus dad would like to build the first time the space shuttle. He asked me to help and I confirmed.  He also said that it…

LPFIB-V2 – 60 – 169

A sunday evening session, a difficult decision.

8419 – 2004 – 286 – Excavator

A simple modell, but the functionality is nice. I build it together with dad.

8862 – 1989 – Backhoe Grader

Dad built this model principally. I helped with the pneumatic connections and the final assembly, where I repaired a small mistake of one movement. In total I counted…


8270 – 2007 – 106 – Rough Terrain Crane

Built for the exhibition.

98959 – 1977 – 40 – Motor

Reconstructed from spare parts.

9390 – 2012 – 136 – Mini Tow Truck

9393 – 2012 – 353 – Tractor

It was still mounted, from the holiday in 2012 when I build it with the help of dad. He will show it in the exhibition.

42061 – 2017 – Telehandler