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Star Wars Mini Space Ships

For the exhibition Star Bricks we build a small diorama. Dad created two small space ships for a battle scene from the 7th movie, the battle of the…

Budgetplaces with Emoji

Justo an idea, derived from a Kickstarter project.


Dad wants to show me what an electric generator is. The Power Functions e-motor can work as a generator as well. It is driven by another motor, connected…

Two Team Representatives

Now the proof of concept is complete.

Assistant with Water Bottle

The last figure up to now.


The cross stick is too large for this scale, but it underlines the important part.

Field Player

Thanks to the wooden tool dad can build mini figures. This is the first, a hockey player which is played with electrical wheel chairs. The stick is a…

Phone Holder

To improve the videos we are taking during some buildings session, especially the time lapse videos, my dad build an holder for his smart phone using spare parts….