Exhibition Castellbisbal

Dad will participate in an exhibition with some of the Technic models. Title of the cupboard: 40 years of LEGO Technic.

I’m helping in mounting some models.

17th of December:

Dad starts with 8812, a helicopter from 1994.







I built 8210, a motorbike from 1995.



28th of December:

Dad build the fork lift truck 8843 from 1984; I helped with the pneumatic tubes.








1st of January:
Mini mobil crane 8067 from 2011 built by me.

Power Truck 8848 from 1981, Built by dad.

3rd of January:

The 2017 model 42061 finished by dad.

Already ready: Tractor 9393 from 2012.

7th of January:
Set 98959 from 1977 reconstructed from spare parts.
8th of January:
Mini crane from 2007.

Finally this is the cupboard:


Online article with summary and fotos
Online article with summary and fotos