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MILS – Road – Side Road

The fifth module.  

Half Module

The forth module. For the Assembly Square.                          

MILS – Road – Street Light Repair

The third module.                

MILS – Road – Bus Stop

The second module.              

MILS – Road – Road Works

The first module.                

41602 – 2018 – 110 – Rey

I won this set.

Budgetplaces with Emoji

Justo an idea, derived from a Kickstarter project.

30611 – 2017 – 70 – R2D2

A gift from LEGO.

8295 – 2008 – 1132 – Telescopic Handler

17101 – 2017 – 845 – Boost

Dad introduced today a new family member. I was a little bit astonished, but then he revealed the secret: it is Bernie, the Boost robot. Of course he…

8259 – 2009 – 165 – Mini Bulldozer

Very few functions: the shield can be lifted and the chains are moving.

31313 – 2013 – 601 – Mindstorms

Dad terminated the first robot with some help. Now we are experimenting with the programming.

Experiment with SBrick

Dad build another vehicle, this time from two modules, to test the SBrick.

LPFIB-V2 – 045 – 31

The front module for another vehicle to test the sBrick.

LPFIB-V2 – 055 – 055

The second module for the test car.

LPFIB-V2 – 061 – 148

Build by dad to check the SBrick. It works.

8270 – 2007 – 106 – Rough Terrain Crane

Built for the exhibition.

98959 – 1977 – 40 – Motor

Reconstructed from spare parts.

42061 – 2017 – Telehandler

8048 – 1981 – 398 – Power Truck

Build by dad for the exhibition.

8843 – 1984 – 270 – Fork-Lift Truck

Dad build it for the exhibition. I helped him with the pneumatic tubes and connecting the chains.

40223 – 2016 – 210+1 – Snowglobe

A limited set, gift from Black Friday purchase. Very nice.

8812 – 1994 – 147 – Helicopter

Build for the exhibition. All bricks with stickers found. But one piece is missing. Dad thought that it wasn’t LEGO.

LPFIB-V2 – 020 – 41

Build by dad in a common LEGO session with me.

iPhone Tripod, the third

Because the first two constructions are not very stable, dad build this one (source LEGO Mindstorms Projects). It is very stable, but not high.


Dad wants to show me what an electric generator is. The Power Functions e-motor can work as a generator as well. It is driven by another motor, connected…

Another Tripod

The first tripod has two disadvantages: The tilting is not done with gears but works through friction, which is dificult to handle for dad. The iPhone is not…

LPFIB-V2 – 013 – 22

Dad got a tip for a shop in Barcelona. There he found the last missing piece for the Power Functions books, an uncommon motor. He build the only…

LPFIB-V1 – 178 – 27

Build by dad.

LPFIB-V1 – 013 – 16

Build by dad.

LPFIB-V1 – 098 – 17

Build by dad.

LPFIB-V1 – 061 – 24

Dad started to help me. To build all the models it requires a lot of time. For dad it is finger training.

First Tripod

We need a tripod for the time lapse video. Dad found this one with instructions.

Two Team Representatives

Now the proof of concept is complete.

Assistant with Water Bottle

The last figure up to now.


The cross stick is too large for this scale, but it underlines the important part.

Field Player

Thanks to the wooden tool dad can build mini figures. This is the first, a hockey player which is played with electrical wheel chairs. The stick is a…

694 – 1975 – 68 – Transport Truck

This a reconstructed set. Dad found the base plate for the vehicle. And the yellow variation was only used in two set: the lorry with rails we own…

344 – 1969 – 77 – Bungalow

Another very early set of dad.

331 – 1967 – 45 – Dump Truck

One of the very early sets of my dad, built now again by him. Only the hinge is in the wrong colour, still. Update 7th of December 2016:…

LPFIB-V1 – 192 – 10

Dad didn’t want to wait. So he built the model by himself. ¬†Only the visible black pin is from me.

GBC – Ball Pump

Our first GBC module. Dad found the instructions in Internet. When dad was building, I wanted to help. I insisted, so dad finally gave me a new Star…

LPFIB-V1 – 159 – 17

Dad build the model some time ago. Because it seems the only model with servo motor, we didn’t dismounted it. Now we will show it in school.