Tag: Highlights

LPFIB-V1 – 244 – 80

In an first attempt the doors were not blocked by the red liftarms. The problem was caused by a missing adjustment of the black gears of a door….

75105 – 2015 – 1304+7 – 9-14 – Millennium Falcon

The most complex model I build up to now. It took two day in Christmas vacation. Of course THE Christmas gift. Meantime it was destroyed during a battle….

LPFIB-V1 – 258 – 68

I insisted to build it. But it is more sophisticated than I thought. A lot of pieces keep unmounted. The ventilator moved, but vibrated a lot. So dad…

LPFIB-V1 – 228 – 60

The first gripper I’m building. It includes a linear actor, a never used element up to now. We have to extemporise, because some needed pieces are already used…

LPFIB-V1 – 247 – 54

My first work of the second part of the book. My dad wants it for the schools presentation. Yes, I have to look first where to start. I…

75094 – 2015 – 916+5 – Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

My birthday gift for my eighth birthday. A great  model.  Not difficult to build. Much  more stable for playing with in comparison to the Millennium Falcon. Transport is…

4957 – 2007 – 1066 – Bridge (Ferris Wheel)

My birthday gift for my seventh birthday. This is an alternative model.